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Comment, Follow, & Subscribe!

Comment, Follow and Subscribe!

So they are on the sidebar of the page (over there>>>>>) but we just wanted to let you guys know how you can get in contact with us! 

#1 You can leave a comment on any one of the blog entries.  We’ll check them daily, so we won’t miss anything!!  Let us know your opinions, or what you’d like us to talk about next!

#2 You can email us any questions or comments to seeingstarsmedia  [at]

(Insert @ where [at] is.  We can’t right in on the website because we get spam from doing that!  Sorry for the trouble!)

#3 You can follow us on twitter at SeeStarsMedia (we would have made it SeeingStarsMedia, but we ran out of characters and didn’t want to leave it as SeeingStarsMedi! haha).  The exact address is  You can also follow us on our personal twitters!  We love talking to people with the same interests as us so feel free to @reply us!  Jaime’s twitter is and Casey’s twitter is

#4 Subscribe to our Youtube channel!  Until we obtain our first few interviews, we are going to be putting up videos from all the concerts we’ve been too!!  We may even make some montages of the days when a few things happened at once!  It’s something you not going to want to miss!  So subscribe to our channel at!

Thank you so much for everyone that is reading this!! We’ll update again soon, but until then, spread the word!! We hope to hear from you all soon!

-Casey and Jaime

P.S. comment, follow, subscribe!!!!!


October 25, 2009 - Posted by | SeeingStarsMedia

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