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Our Concert Experiences

Hi everyone! We are so excited to finally create our new website so that we are on the track to interviewing celebrities! Since we don’t have any updates for you right now, we thought we would tell you a little bit about our concert experiences!

Our first concert together was The Jonas Brothers at the Taj Mahal in NJ, and we thought it was amazing, even though we had one of the worst seats in the arena. We sang along to every song, and filmed every moment. Afterwords, we became die-hard fans, and did everything to support them. From contests, videos and presents for the boys… we did it all. After deciding we would spend whatever amount of money possible to have amazing seats for the next concert, we went to another Jonas Brothers show in August of 2008 at the Allentown Fair. It was probably one of the best nights of our lives. We ended up right against the catwalk, with many eye contacts and hand touches from the Jonas Brothers! From then on, our obsession grew more and more. We counted down each and everyday until we would be able to see them again on July 14th, 2009 at the IZOD center at their World Tour. After spending all of our birthday money and job money, we convinced our parents to buy the 400 dollar tickets for us.

We waited outside all day long so that we would be front row for the soundcheck that came along with our ticket. But after realizing that the soundcheck we spent 300 dollars on was only 3 songs long and they brought up 4 girls that met the Jonas Brothers earlier that day, we were somewhat disappointed. No seat in the arena enabled anyone to see the entire concert, unless you were sitting in the nosebleed section which was somewhat unfair to the people who spent a lot of money to sit on the floor. By the time the lights went down, all of our anger disappeared as we saw Michael, Alex, Jason, and Andrew appear from the stage. Alex kept pointing at us with our drum stick, since we were the only ones dancing and singing along to the music. Before that day, we were fans of Honor Society but were not extreme fans by any means, but by the time the show was over we could not stop talking about them! We were extremely excited and made sure to run out at the end of the show to go see them at their free meet and greet. They were so nice and actually took the time to talk to the fans. We made sure to go out by the gate where all the performers left so that maybe we would be able to see Honor Society or the Jonas Brothers leave. To our surprise, Honor Society walked out carrying their own luggage and took the time to take personal pictures with the 40 girls waiting outside. Because of our amazing night, we made sure to buy another ticket to the world tour to see them at Nassau Coliseum. By that date, you had to pre-order the CD in order to meet Honor Society, but we were perfectly OK with that! We left the show early so that we wouldn’t have to wait on the long line like the last time, and met the boys again! We went into the parking lot by the gate again, but no one was coming outside, so we went to go wait by their bus, Clifford. As the bus driver got in and started to move it, we knew he would be picking up Honor Society somewhere, so yes… we chased after the bus! Honor Society walked out of the arena again, but it was later than usual so they weren’t into talking pictures with the four of us that were waiting outside but they eventually came out and took  group pictures.It was extremely nice of them, and even though our picture turned out terrible, we were extremely happy. We went to bed at three in the morning, just to wake up at five to secure our front of the line spot to see Honor Society at their first Full Moon Crazy Show in New York City. We took the 6AM train and ended up being the third and fourth people in line, but after waiting 14 hours, realized that at least 10 people were allowed in before us! We stood next to Hannah Hylen during the show, which we’re still confused about because she got there two hours before the doors opened. Even though we went to about 4 or 5 concerts before that day, this was our absolute favorite concert. It was extremely intimate and caught them looking at our cameras numerous times! Alex even blew us a kiss, we’ll make sure to upload those videos soon!

For the next month we didn’t go to anymore concerts, but we found out that Honor Society was going to be at Z100, Taylor Swift was playing at MSG (but we couldnt get tickets), Justin Bieber was going to be on Fox News (i think?) and the Jonas Brothers were having a private show all in NYC, so we decided to wake up and take the 5:00 AM train into the city. We first tried to go to the place where Justin Bieber was going to, but none of the security guards knew anything about him showing up at the studio, so we took a taxi to go see how many people were waiting outside the Trump, because thats where the Jonas Brothers always stay when they are in the city. There wasn’t any room on the barriers and we stayed their for about 2 hours until we went over to Z100 to meet Honor Society. Andrew came to us first when he came out of the van and shared our umbrellas since it was raining. He also talked to Casey’s sister on the phone for a few minutes because she lovessss Andrew! They stayed outside for a half hour, and then had to go inside. After about an hour they came back outside of Z100 and talked to the fans again. After that was over we stayed outside the Trump Hotel with about 50 other girls until three. Garbo and Jack came out and took pictures with all of the fans too when they came out to get coffee. Finally, Joe came out of the building and people were running around the baracades to try and get a picture with Joe. It was probably the craziest experience we’ve ever had in our entire life. After taking pictures with about 10 girls, the security guard was so angry with the girls running around that he threw him into the car. I felt really bad for some of the girls who were waiting outside since the night before, and didnt even get to take a picture with him. While everyone stayed, we decided to take a taxi to the Hammerstien Ballroom where the Jonas Brothers were having their private show. We found the back enterence where their were only about 10 girls waiting outside. The boys came out in seperate cars, all about 10 minutes apart from each other. Kevin only took pictures with the girls up against the baracade, but Joe and Nick both went around and took pictures with everyone. They were really sweet. Afterwards we came back so that we can possibly get a picture with Kevin, which we thankfully did. Everyone came out after the concert including Denise, Paul, Frankie, Danielle’s Mom, and the entire band. Nick and Kevin went around taking pictures with the girls still remaining. We could not even believe that we met our two favorite bands in the entire world in one day. It was simply the best day ever!

We concluded the summer by going to see Justin Bieber at the Nintendo World store where he did a meet and greet with an acoustic show. We got there at 8, and we about the 30th people in line. By the time 2 came around, there must have been over 500 girls waiting to see justin bieber. They had to put barricades across the street where fans were standing and waiting just to see Justin Bieber out a window, as well as around the block which was filled with screaming girls. The room was extremely small and was burning hot. We couldn’t really see, because the stage wasn’t raised very high. Right after he played three songs, he went to go play video games for a half an hour while all 250 of us crowded towards the small meet and greet picture. The fans were crazy, and were even lying to us so that they could move ahead in the line. It took an hour to go through, and we barely got a “hi” from him. I know that there was a lot of girls waiting and it was hot, but after we waited all day for this, it wasn’t what we thought it would be. We still love Justin Bieber!  WE just think the organization from the Nintendo store could have been better!

On September 16th, we went after school to go to Honor Society’s Soundcheck Party in the city. It was really an emotional moment for the fans and Honor Society, because they waited so long to get to that moment. They blasted Fashionably Late and everyone was getting their CD’s signed and pictures with the boys. We even got hand hug pictures with Andrew and Michael. Unfortunately after we got pictures we had to leave because of school the next day, but we still had a lot of fun hanging out with them! About a month later we went to Rock the Fall to see Honor Society once again in Allentown, Pennsylvania. We also won V Factory sound check passes through, so we were very excited. V Factory sang ‘Get Up’ and ‘Fade’, they were amazing! This was the first time we saw V Factory live, and we were already falling in love with them. After soundcheck Wesley jumped off the stage and hugged everyone, and then made his way to the group where they gave everyone a poster for them to sign. They were nice and even talked to my camera! Too bad I forgot to press the “record” button! URG! We had fun listening to Tiffany Giardina play and went over to meet her at the meet and greet table. Then we went back to the stage to see V Factory perform but had to leave super early so that we were able to meet VFactory at the merch table, since girls were already running towards it. Casey had to leave because she won a meet and greet with Honor Society, so I stayed with Casey’s sister to meet V Factory. They were so funny, and took pictures with me even though they weren’t supposed to! They said they would be doing another meet and greet by the fence so we went over by the fence since a band called Care Bears on Fire was playing and we really didn’t care for their music. Thankfully Casey came back before all of them ran out to the fence and took individual pictures with every fan! After that day, we became fans of them, and listened to their album we purchased the whole ride home. We came back from the fence just in time to hear Honor Society perform, they were so amazing! Even though we were in the very back of the crowd, singing along to the words was so much fun. We even held up our deuces poster which by the look of Honor Society’s faces, were pretty sure the loved. We had a great time that day, even though it was so cold we couldn’t feel our hands and more and they had to light to huge bonfires to keep everyone warm. We were to cold to stay for Drake Bell, so we left afterward Honor Society performed.

We’ve been to other concerts as well, such as Jingle Ball, Zootopia and Demi Lovato too but that would take even longer to tell! Maybe in a future post we’ll tell you about those concerts. Were going to a few more concerts in the future, including one of our favorite bands, Push Play. We first became fans at Zootopia, especially when they sang to the audience. We went on their myspace everyday to listen to the songs they put on their and watched their videos whenever we had the chance. We are now on the Promosquad for them, and love to promote them in every way possible. Hopefully we’ll be doing some really cool contests in the future so you guys can win push play merchandise! We will be going to their show on November 27th in NJ! Every time we go to a new concert we’ll post a blog like this one telling you all about it. Keep checking out our website because hopefully we’ll have some interviews with some popular bands soon!

-Casey and Jaime


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